Eyelash Extension Study Abroad Program

Learn eyelash extension and English while enjoying NY!

– Open to anyone over the age of 18 (High school graduate)

– Visa: None required as it’s a one-month course (ESTA registration is required)

– Class size: Up to 5 students

Where you will stay: Room share in Queens or Apartment in Manhattan

Commuting time: 35 minutes from Grand Central Station (Metro North Harlem Line train)

School location: 2 Spencer Place, Scarsdale, NY 10583 (Scarsdale Station)

About New York


You will enjoy museums, theaters, art galleries and so much more while staying in NYC.

Course Description

These eyelash extension course is designed for the beginners.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

At School Eyelash extension techniques and concepts


At home Practice

At school Eyelash extension English Conversation


At homepractice

At school Eyelash extension English Conversation


Free Free

Schedule for 2015

Class Code ClassBegins   Session1 Session2 Session3 Session4 Session5 Availability
GIBA-R515 2015/05/03   5/31 6/7 6/14 6/21 6/28 Yes 

Length of stay: 10 days Sat through Mon (Day before 1st day of the cours through day after the last day of the course)

Course Fee:

How to prepare for coming to US



Please consult with your home country’s rules and regulations



US allows foreign nationals of many countries to visit without Visa if the stay is less than a month. Please consult with your home country’s rules and regulations.


Money / Travelers Check:

Travelers Check works like cash when signed. As it’s dangerous to carry a lot of cash, it’s advisable for students to prepare travelers check. It’s safer because the checks carry no value without signing it. It’s important to use a proper signature resembling the one on your passport, also, write down check numbers. You will also need cash to use for small items. You can exchange your currency to USD at a bank or airport. $500 ~ $1,000 will be sufficient


Credit card:

You can buy almost anything with a credit card, even for a bottle of

water. Please bring at least one credit card.



The course fee includes oversees travelers insurance, and it’s required to obtain one prior to coming to US. The insurance will cover in case you become ill or injured due to accident, robbed, or lose any important articles. However, the insurance does not cover any dental care. Please review the insurance document as part of the course document.


Computer / Mobile Phone:

It’s most convenient to rent Pocket WiFi for a month at any airport. In USA, access to free WiFi is rather limited.



NYC has become safer for the last 10 years. However, there are still areas that are not considered safe. Avoid areas where few people are around. Do not enter Central Park (or any park) after dark or early in the morning. Chinatown can be dangerous after dark. Please be alert and enjoy your stay in NY.



Public Transportation / Subway:

Subway is very convenient in NYC. You can purchase a MetroCard at a station, using cash or credit card.

Northbound: use platform for “Uptown” Southbound: use platform for “Downtown”Express trains do not stop at every station.For more information, please refer to MTA website.





Weather in NYC:

It’s very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.Spring time is very short, and can feel cold till early May. Cherry blossom season is from the mid April through the end of April. The end of April through early May is relatively nice. Even in June, it can get pretty hot. It can reach over 100F degrees. Fall season is beautiful with various trees changing colors at Central Park.Winter time is very cold, particularly January and February, with average temperatures of 30F degrees.