Eyelash Extension Tips

1. Eyelash Extension Tips Great features about Eyelash Extension
– Significant changes from before and after eyelash extensions
– Eyelash extension makes it look like you have eyeliner has been applied
– Look like eye makeup has been applied
– You can play sports or swim
 2. Why you must apply one extension for each eyelash
– You must apply eyelash extension 1~1.5mm away from the skin. Never touch the skin
– Each eyelash has a di!erent growth cycle. Once it’s fully grown, an eyelash will come o! naturally. You lose about 5-6 eyelashes daily.
If you attach 1 extension on 2 eyelashes, you will lose both eyelashes when one of them reaches its maturity. That’s why you must apply one extension per one lash. Also, the flare extension and strip extensions hurt ones natural eyelashes.
3. How to wash face when using Eyelash extensions

– Upon applying the extensions, avoid washing face or taking a shower/bath. If possible, do not wet your face for 24 hours because the glue requires 24 hours to completely dry up.
– Use water-based cleanser when removing makeup
– Oil-based cleanser will shorten the life of extensions
– Use cotton or cotton swab (cover tissue over it), and soak non-oil cleanser to remove eye makeup. Pay attention not to get the cotton fiber to get caught in the extensions.

– After removing the makeup, use form-based cleanser to wash your face. Do not rub eye area.
4. Why are Japanese Eye Lash Extensions gaining popularity?
– There are over 16,000 eyelash extension salons in Japan. Eyelash extensions came originally from Korea. It started out as a way to recycle unused fake eyelashes. In Japan, many professional eye designers learn the state of the art sills and safety issues through seminars or expos held by a group like Japan Lash Association. Japanese eye designers’ skills are considered one of the best in the world. At a world beauty expos, Japanese eye designers have won many awards. Also, only safe and sanitary, top of the line products are used in Japan.