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4,500 eyelash extension practices over 5 weeks!

At Grease International Beauty Academy, we accept students from across US all year around. Our school o!ers small-size classes where you can learn best skills. The textbooks and learning tools are designed for best learning experience. Through textbooks, you will learn how to select best products, counseling, eye diseases, and after-care. For the hands-on class, you will practice over 4,500 eyelash extensions over 5 weeks.You can never learn your skills by 1-2 day course. You must practice by setting a goal through the course. As an approved school by Japan Lash Association, you will benefit from the state of the arts skills, safety and sanitary issues, and new products information issued by the Association.

School Location:

2 Spencer Place Scarsdale #13 NY 10583

(Metro North Harlem Line train from Grand Central Station to Scarsdale

Station. 35 minutes train ride from Manhattan)

TEL: 914-472-7858

Please use the information request form for any questions.

Course Descriptions:

– Eye Designer Training Course

Learn the basic knowledge of eye ash extensions, safety/sanitary issues.Practice eye patch, taping, and basic applications. Suitable for those who want to become a professional eye designer. Daily homework assignment will allow you to practice repeatedly. Course offers training necessary for salon work. Although we are not an eye doctor, you will learn basics of eye diseases. Also, you will learn sanitary issues, counseling, and after care. Because of its small class size, the course is suitable for beginners. Upon graduation, you will obtain a Diploma.

Class Start:2019年 ( 3 weeks or 5 weeks course )

Class start dates: 6/2, 6/16, 7/14, 8/4, 9/1, 9/22, 10/6

Course fee: 5 weeks $2,900 (incl. tools and textbooks)

Course fee: 3 weeks $1,900 (incl. tools and textbooks)

What you will need: Pen/pencil; hairpin

– Eye Designer Follow-up Course*

For those who completed the Eye Designer Training Course, brushing up their skills.

Course Fee: $200 (2 hours)

Time: By appointment

* Will notify any course offerings by Japan Lash Association

Class registration:

Step 1.

Initial Consultation: We provide free initial consultation to determine which course suits your needs best. Also, we can answer your questions with regards to opening your own eyelash extension salon, and licensing requirements in the US.

Step 2: Class registration:

To register for one of our courses, please contact us via the online form.

Step 3: Payment:

Please kindly provide your payment on the first day of the class. We accept cash, check and major credit cards.

Step 4:

Class begins

Local School Q&A


Q. I’ve never used eyelash extensions before. Can I still learn?

A. Most of our students are beginners. We will teach you how to apply extensions for various types of lashes, step by step.


Q. What can I do to improve my techniques?

A. You will need to practice repeatedly. Also, you will need to master techniques that are taught in class. By applying extensions on diverse types of eyelashes, you will improve your skills. If you have any questions, please contact us. We also o!er a “Follow-up” class to brush up your skills.


Q. What kind of course do you o!er?

A. Grease International Beauty Academy o!ers curriculum that provides a 5-week long course, which requires you to attend at least 5 classes. For the hands-on class, you will practice over 4,500 eyelash extensions over 5 weeks. You can never learn your skills by 1-2 day course. You must practice by setting a goal through the course. Through textbooks, you will learn about glue, how to select diseases, and after-care.


Q. Are courses o!ered on a set schedule?

A. We offer flexible class schedule. Please contact us with your preference.


Q. I live out of State / Country. Can I still take your course?

A. Yes. Please contact us so that we work on your class schedules. If you need any accommodations, please let us know.


Q. Is there any follow-up class available after completing your course?

A. Yes, we offer a Follow-up course for those who completed our course.Also, we provide consultation for those who are interested in opening up their own salon. We also o!er discounted rates for tools and kits for our former students.


Q. I have my own eyelash extension kit. Can I use it in class?

A. Even when you have your own eyelash kit, we ask that you use our eyelash kit provided through the school.


Q. How can I pay for the class?

A. You can bring your payment (cash, check) on the first day of the class. We also accept major credit cards.